‘Fog of War’ is an option in the game Prison Architect, where you basically can’t see anything that’s going on in a certain location of your prison, unless there’s a guard present (or you’ve installed some fancy security cameras). The question is: can you switch it off mid-game?

Fog of War

You either love it or find it extremely annoying. Mostly, you can turn off the option before you start building your prison. But sometimes you forget, which leads to unpleasant situations later in the game. This happened to me recently, and I noticed there wasn’t a lot of information on this out there, so here we go (sharing is caring!).

How to switch it off

Yes, you can switch it off whilst you’re already in the middle of a game, don’t worry. But you’re going to have to do a couple of things to turn it off, even outside of the game.

  1. Save your game locally, not in the cloud
  2. Find that local file in your Drive
  3. Open that file with a basic text editor
  4. In the file, look for ‘EnabledVisibility true
  5. Remove/delete the line for ‘EnabledVisibility true
  6. Just hit save, and then go back in game
  7. Load that prison back up, and you’re good!

Easy, right?

It truly is that simple, just going into the saved file and deleting one line in there thanks to a basic text editor. That’s all you need to do. There’s also a bunch of other things in there you can switch on/off when you’re later in the game. Just remember that they’re not always named the same. Just like ‘Fog of War’ is called ‘EnabledVisibility true’ in there, other options are differently named as well. But mostly, it speaks for itself with a bit of logic thinking.

That’s it! Have fun, cheers!