Hello and welcome to the brand new blog!

I’ve decided to blog again. Writing is something that I enjoy doing and it takes my mind of off, yknow, the world. But before we get into that, it’s only fitting to properly introduce myself.

So …

Hello, again

My name is Quentin, I’m 27 years old, from Belgium. Living together with my wife, Liv, and our cat, Alice. I’ve been doing the online creation thing for a long time but never really “popped” or become “internet famous”. That bothered me for a long time, to be honest, because I’ve done a good number of different things. Daily vlogs, comedy sketches, lifestyle vlogs (if that’s what you can call what Helium-5 was?), challenges, live streaming, gaming, podcasts, news shows, … The list goes on and on. But now I’m just here to have a good time and simply enjoy doing what I enjoy doing.

Speaking of having a good time; I have some ideas for regular blogs on this website. One of them is ‘5 good things you missed this week’, basically listing five fun things I’ve spotted over the week and listing them in a “feeling good” type of blog. Besides that, I’ll be blogging about our travels, I’ll upload my videos here with a bit more explanation, … My main goal is for this website to be a place where you can escape the world for a little bit and (hopefully) have a good time.

See you soon!